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College of Enology

Sourse:   Date:2015-05-15

The NWAFU College of Enology was established on April 20, 1994, replacing its predecessor, the junior college of "viticulture and winemaking," founded in 1985.

The college of Enology was created under the initiative of Professor Li Hua, the first Chinese to obtain a doctorate degree in grape and wine major in France. The college is Asia's first institution that specialized in grape and wine education, research and technical services, training in grape and wine production, marketing, management and promotion of highly competent research personnel, and the first services-oriented and industry-oriented College in China. 

The College is headed by its founder, Dr. Li Hua, who based on its profound knowledge of enology, has developed a core learning center on wine, methods for wine engineering, guidance for wine marketing, special integration between industry-university-research, covering all the theoretical and practical aspects of the wine’s complete industrial chain and its requirements, from the vineyards to the consumer’s table.

The college of Enology has programs leading to Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral degrees and has facilities for post-doctoral research. It has also set up a 3 years program consisting of 1year French learning +2 years studying of sommelier in France, In addition, there are 2 years full-time training and short-term training and other forms of continuing education programs. The college has Higher education’s top teachers, an "Enology" teaching team of a national level, Excellent programs of a national level. The college has won the national teaching award two times successively, and managed to secure the distinction of the "third best" student at the national contest on team spirit.

The college has a strong technology and research and development capacity. A number of scientific research achievements at the provincial level, as well as first and second prizes for its contribution to the progress of science and technology were awarded. It also owns many national invention patents and utility model patents.

The College is famous both in China and abroad for its education on grape and wine, its scientific research institutions, and its success in establishing a close relationship and a friendly cooperation between enterprises and public institutions.
 The OIV Asian Grape and Wine Technology Development Center, the Asian wine quality Organizing Committee, the International Federation of Wine University, the National wine critic training base of the China Food Industry Association, the Shaanxi Province’s grape and wine Engineering Research Center, the sub-branch of Wine and Grape of the Shaanxi Fruit Industry Association, all have their offices located at the College of Enology.

The College has established cooperation for the joint training of doctoral students with countries like Spain, France, the United States, Australia, Japan, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Canada and other countries.

The agreement between the College of Enology and the OIV to hold an academic conference on Vine and Wine on April each year has had a profound impact both at home and abroad, and the conference proceedings is published in the ISTP collection.
Since 1999, the college has successfully organized 8 International Vine and Wine Conferences, 8 International Vine and Wine Advanced Seminars, 6 Asian wine quality contests.

Fruitful international cooperation and exchange has laid the foundation for the training of grapes and wine professionals and technical personnel of an international level.

The college is referred to as "the cradle of talent, the source of technology, the fulcrum of industry."