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Institute of Water-saving Agriculture in Arid Areas of China, NWAFU

Sourse:   Date:2015-05-25

With planning and designing started in 2008, the Institute of Water Saving Agriculture in Arid AreasIWSA was officially established in June, 2010 in Northwest A&F University. To maximize the overall research and technology advantages in water-saving agriculture in arid areas in China, the university aims to build the institute as a relatively independent academic research institution and a shared platform for cross-college and inter-disciplinary researches.

 The Institute covers 17.4 ha with the laboratory area of 6000 m2 and more than 120 research members are in service now. There are six national and provincial research bases, namely National Engineering Laboratory, National Engineering Research Center etc. Besides, the Institute also has four research units.
 To meet the national demand for strategic development, the Institute focuses on significant strategic issues on agricultural development in arid and semi-arid areas and major scientific and technological issues on water-saving agriculture development in arid regions and has now become a technological innovation base for water-saving agriculture researches in China.