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Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and NWAFU Will Jointly Build Wuzhong National Dairy Research Institute

Author: Zhang Lin & Zouchun  Date:2017-11-13     Read:

On the afternoon of November 6th, a delegation of six people from Ningxia Wuzhong national agricultural park management committee, led by Mr.Xu Xiaotao, director of science and technology department of rural science and technology division of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, visited NAWFU to discuss matters relating to the proposed Wuzhong National Dairy Research Institute with NWAFU leaders and experts. Vice President Qian Yonghua attended the forum.

In August this year, Secretary of the CPC Committee of NWAFU Li Xingwang and vice President Qian Yonghua led a delegation to attend the “Science and Technology for Supporting Ningxia” Cooperation Promotion between East and West and the start-up meeting of Science and Technology Innovation Reform Experimental Zone along the Yellow River in Ningxia, signing the agreement with Wuzhong national agricultural park to collaboratively build innovation platform of “Wuzhong national agricultural park dairy farming and disease prevention and control engineering research center”. As a technology promotion pilot demonstration base in NWAFU, this center is of great significance to promoting school-enterprise cooperation, tackling key core technologies, transforming and promoting advanced achievements, and enhancing breeding technologies and benefits as well as the quality of talent training. Subsequently, Professor Jin Yaping and others went to Ningxia Wuzhong related enterprises to conduct research, at the same time, carried out in-depth communication on cooperation details and follow-up plans. On the basis of previous work, the Ningxia delegation made a special trip to NWAFU. Both parties discussed further cooperation in detail and introduced the idea of establishing a national dairy institute. They expressed their willingness to jointly establish an innovative cooperation mechanism with our university and put it into preliminary work as soon as possible.

Translated by: Ruan Shuling

Proofread by: Zhang Xiaorong