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The 2017 Annual Academic Forum of Economics and Management — Presentation Series (16)

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Title: Study on the utilization and protection of cultivated land in China

Speaker: Phd. HOU Xianhui

Time: 14:30-15:30pm, Nove. 17, 2017 (Friday) 

Venue: Meeting Room C304, The Building of Economics, Management and Landscape Architecture

Summary: Since the founding of new China, due to the dual constraints of population and the level of social and economic development, China's arable land area have grew rapidly. After the reform and opening up, urbanization and industrialization promotes the continued rapid advance of China's arable land decreased sharply. Facing the basic situation of more people and less land, for China's food security to protect, China adopts the most strict system of farmland protection, and regard “Cherish every inch of land and to protect arable land” as a basic national policy. However, the phenomenon of urban expansion occupation of farmland is still grim, at the same time, rapid development of social economy development leading people separated from the agricultural production sector, arable land marginalization problems have become increasingly prominent, the abandonment of arable land, abandoned idle, become our country at the present stage of cultivated land utilization and protection and a major practical problem. In order to fully understand China's cultivated land use and protection of the reality of the problem and the urgency of the times, the report mainly includes four aspects: Firstly, the temporal and spatial variation characteristics of cultivated land in China; Secondly, the main problems and the protection of cultivated land utilization in China; Thirdly, Main measures of cultivated land use and protection in China; Fourthly, My research results introduction.

Title: Research on land transfer among farmers of Guanzhong—Tianshui Economic Zone

Reporter: Cai Jie

Time:14:30-15:30pm, Nove. 17, 2017 (Friday)

Venue: Meeting Room C304, The Building of Economics, Management and Landscape Architecture

Summary: Land transfer is the only way to promote farm land scale management at present. Based on the 622 questionnaires collected in Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Zone, this paper establishes a household model of land transfer and uses Heckman’ s two-stage model to study the effect of transaction cognition and household endowment on farmers’ participation in land transfer and the rate of land transfer. The results show that: ① Farmers’ participation in land transfer is not high in Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Zone. Only 23% farmers take an active part in land transfer and the average rate of land transfer is 11%. ②The extent of land transfer, organization form of land transfer, contract period of land transfer and external transport facilitation influence the decision-making of land transfer. But the rate of land transfer is only affected by the understanding of farmland price in transfer and the form of contract. ③Labor and land endowments have positive relationship with the participation of land transfer, while transfer rate declined with the increasing of agricultural production capacity.  ④Farmers’ participation and land transfer rate show significant negative correlation with the educational level. Compared with farmers in Tianshui, farmers in Guanzhong are more inclined to participate in land transfer. Therefore, in order to promote farmers’ participation in land transfer and improve rate of farmland transfer,  recommendations are necessary as follows: first, strengthening the propaganda of farmland transfer policy,  improving the overall level of farmers’ cognition, and enhancing farmers’ understanding and acceptability of farmland circulation policy; second, deepening the reform of rural land property rights, speeding up the certification of land and enhancing the stability and predictability of farmer property rights are important way; third, establishing and improving the land transfer market, and improving the signal generation mechanism and transfer function of the market in the process of land transfer could reduce the transaction cost in the process of land transfer; fourth, adopting corresponding incentive policies to improve the land use and farmer productivity and avoiding the adverse selection behavior of the farmer in land transfer market; finally, establishing effective land management mechanism and releasing the inefficient labor and land, then we could achieve the optimal allocation of resources.

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College of Economics and Management
14th Nov, 2017