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2018 Plant Disease Resistance Workshop Successfully Held

Author: Sun Hui  Date:2018-09-04     Read:

From August 29th to 30th, NWAFU's 2018 Plant Disease Resistance Workshop was held at the College of Agronomy. More than 200 experts, scholars, teachers and students from the field of plant disease breeding and genetic improvement innovation at home and abroad participated in the workshop.

The workshop was hosted by Professor Shan Weixing, Distinguished Professor and Changjiang Scholar of Ministry of Education, Professor of the College of Agronomy. Foreign experts including Professor Karl-Heinz Kogel from Giessen University, Germany, Professor Murray Grant, Professor Patrick Schäfer, Professor Lorenzo Frigerio from Warwick University, UK, Professor Gary Loake from the University of Edinburgh, UK, Dr. Christine Coustau, Director of the French National Academy of Sciences, domestic experts including Researchers Dr.Ding Bo and Dr. Yang Qiuying from Plant Protection Research of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Professor Wang Wenming from the Rice Research Institute of Sichuan Agricultural University gave invited lectures respectively. NWAFU experts Professor Min Donghong, Professor Zhang Meng, Professor Sun Liying, Professor Chen Mingxun, Professor Yang Qin, Professor Shan Weixing, Associate Professor Du Yu, Associate Professor Nie Xiaojun, Dr. Li Weiwei and Dr. Yang Yang gave academic reports and exchanges respectively. The report covers multiple fields including plant disease resistance and stress resistance mechanisms, plant and microbial interactions, crop germplasm resources innovation and new strategies for crop molecular breeding.

Translated by: Ruan Shuling

Proofread by: Zhang Xiaorong