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NWAFU Joined the World-class Ecological Island Construction

Author: Du Shiping  Date:2018-09-08     Read:

On September 5th, NWAFU was invited to join the first council of Chongming District Ecological Agriculture Science and Technology Innovation Center in Shanghai, becoming the standing director unit, marking the university's participation in the construction of Shanghai Chongming world-class ecological island.

The principle of Shanghai Chongming World-class Ecological Island Construction is “Ecological Island, Green Development”. World-class eco-island construction requires international level partners to participate. In view of NWAFU's leading edge and advanced experience in technological innovation, technology application, expert level and social service, the Shanghai Chongming District Government has absorbed our university to join the council, who will actively learn from domestic and foreign advanced experience and think tank resources, and support the development of modern agriculture in Chongming City with scientific and technological innovation. It is hoped that in the process of participating in the development of world-class ecological island construction and Chongming green agriculture, NWAFU will provide strong intellectual support and promote Chongming to achieve innovation-driven, transformational development. At the same time, they also look forward to in-depth cooperation and exchanges with NWAFU in the fields of planning and design, project research and development, project promotion, talent exchange, and achievement transformation.

Translated by: Ruan Shuling

Proofread by: Zhang Xiaorong