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The Mid-maturing Apple New Variety “Qin Yue” Passed the Provincial Appraisal

Author: Sun Guangli  Date:2018-09-14     Read:

Recently, the new apple variety “Qinyue”, which was selected by Wang Leicun, NWAFU researcher of the Loess Plateau high-quality apple production technology research team from College of Horticulture, passed the provincial appraisal.

This breed is a hybrid of Qin Fu 1 st and Royal Gala, with four main features: First, the tree is moderate, the tree crown is compact, and it is easy to form flower buds, the new dwarf apple orchard and the top-grafting apple tree bear the fruit in the second year, and the fourth year will have high-yield. Under the conditions of good fertilizer and water conditions, the average yield of apple trees in the fruiting period can reach 2500 kg. Second, the fruit has a long round shape or a long garden cone. The fruit is even and uniform in size. The fruit changes fast in color with bright red, and the bright color makes the fruit look very beautiful. Third, the flesh is yellowish white, the meat is fine, brittle and juicy, and the fruit is very resistant to storage. Fourth, the variety has wide adaptability and strong resistance. It matures in the southern part of Wei River in late August and early September. It matures in the middle part of Wei River in mid-September and the maturity period is just the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival.

Single fruit of Qinyue

High yield of Qinyue

Translated by: Ruan Shuling

Proofread by: Zhang Xiaorong