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University Opening Day Ceremony& Military Training Mobilization Meeting of Year 2018 Students Kicked Off

Author: Wang Ting  Date:2018-08-27     Read:

On August 27th, the Year 2018 University Opening Ceremony and Military Training Mobilization Meeting of NWAFU was held in the South Campus Gymnasium. Mr. Zhao Zhong, the Deputy Secretary of the NWAFU Party Committee, presided over the opening ceremony. Mr. Li Xingwang, the NWAFU Party Secretary, presented the flag to the military training group, and President Wu Pute adressed the ceremony. Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Shan Lun, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shao Mingan, parents representatives and 5,383 Year 2018 freshmen attended the grand occasion.

Mr. Wu Pute put forward three suggestions to the students: First, to change the role as soon as possible to adapt to university life. Wihout the supervision of parents and middle school teachers, students must learn to be self-disciplined,  to arrange time and life orderly, and to constantly improve their self-management and self-service capabilities. The second is to stick to one’s role as a university student. The student’s duty is to study, which matters most in their four-year college life. We must work hard to learn knowledge, enrich the experience, and enhance our ability to lay a solid foundation for future development. Third, we must keep fit and positive. “The health  is the capital for the revolution”---and the strong body lies in the regular life and sports. We must strengthen our training and cultivate a peaceful and rational mindset. He hopes that the students will take these three points as the basic requirements, so that the four-year university life will be a piece of fruitful and colorful experience.

Translated by : Zhao Rui

Proofread by: Yan Xianhui