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As the first key national comprehensive university composed of universities and research institutes, Northwest A&F University has always been dedicated to providing technological and intellectual support for agricultural development of west China. Focusing on the improvement of innovative research ability and the construction of research bases, NWAFU endeavors to accelerate research base development in terms of number, economic benefits and research ability.

Currently, NWAFU has 66, inclusive of 23 key labs, 28 engineering (technology) research centers, and 9 field observatories at national and provincial level, and 2 provincial research centers of philosophy and social sciences.
(Data updated in April, 2015)

Applications of 1,552 national and provincial projects had been conducted by NWAUF in 2014, 706 of which have been approved, including 51 key projects. The received fund reaches 358.740 million yuan (6.80 million yuan for humanities and social sciences research projects). Of all the approved research projects, 159 were officially supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China with the total fund of 84.795 million yuan. The rate of funded projects has reached 30.21%, 6% higher than national average level and 4.48% higher compared with the previous year.
(Data updated in December, 2014)

Science and Technology Award of Shaanxi Province: 3 First Prize, 5 Second Prize

Science and Technology Award of Yangling Zone:
6 First Prize

22 new plant varieties certificated and authenticated, including 17 provincial certificated varieties and 5 provincial registered and authenticated varieties.

260 State-authorized patents (8.4% higher compared to last year) includes 140 inventive patents, 119 utility patents and 1 design patent. 

1855 papers have been included by SCI, EI and SSCI, (13.04% higher compared to last year), 1478 among which were singed NWAFU the first unit.

(the data updated in December, 2014)