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College of Vocational and Adult Education

Sourse:   Date:2015-05-15

The College of Vocational and Adult Education (Continuing Education) is the Administration body and faculty of academic and non-academic adult educations of the Northwest Agriculture and Forestry (A&F).  It is responsible of carrying out three education missions, programs of education and training of governmental officials, programs for adult higher education, and programs for vocational and polytechnic educations. The College is one state university-based education and training base for governmental officials, one base of vocational and polytechnic education and training under state priority construction, and one A&F-based branch of the Agricultural Management Institute of PRC Ministry of Agriculture (AMI), the Northwest Training Center of PRC Ministry of Water Resources of China, the A&F-based northwest branch of the PRC State Academy of Forestry Administration and the A&F-based base of Education and Training for governmental officials of Shaanxi, as well as one test organization of the National Computer Rank Examination. It has more than twenty correspondence teaching stations all over China as well as self-teaching programs of higher education for seven academic subjects, Master degree programs of vocational and polytechnic educations for nine subjects, bachelor degree programs of vocational and polytechnic educations for four subjects, programs of adult higher education for more than fifty subjects, and more than forty non-academic training programs.  

Fully exploiting the A&F’s educational resources and relying on and making full use of the A&F’s excellent teaching and experiment conditions and strong teaching forces, the College actively fulfils missions for continued education, adult education and vocational and polytechnic education. With its development efforts over many years, it has gradually formed its own educational ideas of education through production, teaching and research cooperation, market orientation, wining supports by providing quality services, and competing by quality, and advancing depending on unique strengths”. Currently, the College has established its own multi-type (training of governmental officials, adult higher education and vocational and polytechnic educations), multi-tier (diploma, bachelor and postgraduate programs) and multi-form (full time schooling, correspondence teaching, and short term training projects) education system. It has a learning-style administration team and a well-structured teaching body composed of highly educated teachers with rich experiences in teaching practices. It has been achieved rich educational experiences and educating great lots of practical talents. It has an annual training capacity up to10000 person times and an annual graduate number of more than 5000 from correspondence-teaching academic programs of adult higher education and bachelor degree programs for vocational and polytechnic education. 

The College pays a lot of attention to improving its education and training quality, updating its education ideas and actively exploring new education models, and that takes education quality as its vital development force. In regard of teaching, it gives emphasis on linking theory with practice and enhances capacity and skill building in order to foster high quality talents. In the future, it will strive for breaking new ground in training of governmental officials, adult education and vocational and polytechnic education by reinforcing its reform and taking the road of integrating production, teaching and research.