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Ideological Department

Sourse:   Date:2015-05-15

Institute of Ideological and Political Education (IIPE) was established in September 2009, whose development history can be traced to the Political Theory Unit of Northwest Agriculture University in 1953. IIPE is responsible for ideological and political education courses and Marxism majors-related teaching and research and many renowned Marxist theory scholars such as Feng Youquan and Zhang Shouxian have ever worked here. After more than sixty years’ hard work and Academic Accumulation, IIPE is currently the base for Ideological and Political Education and the center for Cultivating talents of Marxist theory.

IIPE has 34 staff member, among which 32 is academic researchers and 12 holds professor or associate professor titles. In addition, IIPE staff member won many other prizes such as “Prominent Teachers” in Shanxi Province and in China. As to academics, IIPE have the permission to authorize three master degrees, namely Basic Principles of Marxism, Research on Sinicized Marxism and Ideological and Political Education. For recent years, IIPE has turned out more 100 master graduates, presiding 20 national and provincial research projects, publishing more than 10 monographs and 170 journal articles. IIPE has also established friendly academic relations with Massachusetts State University, Renmin University of China, China Agricultural University, Shaanxi Normal University, Northwest University and many other renowned Universities home and abroad. 

Looking Ahead, all IIPE staff, holding the idea of “Cultivating talents is the basis and ethnic education is a priority”, will base on teaching and give more attentions to scientific research, by which to highlight features of Northwest A&F University and promote the development of Marxist Theory discipline.