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Notice of “Expert Symposium on Local Water Management in a Global Context 2019”

Sourse:   Date:2019-11-12

  Topic:The open research seminar will focus on addressing precisely these questions: what do global changes in consumption and trade possibly mean for local or national water managers, and, vice versa, how will local decisions on growing food, producing energy and managing water possibly affect global trends on trade?

  Time:10:15a.m.-17:50p.m., November 14 (Thursday),2019

  Venue:Conference room 104, International Exchange Centre, South Campus

  Programme:See in the attachment

  Introduction of Speakers/Hosts:(Alphabetize by last name):

   Paolo D'Odorico,professor at University of California Berkeley, US.He is theeditor-in-chief of SCI journal《Advances in Water Resources》. His research focuses on the role of hydrological processes in the functioning of terrestrial ecosystems. He has published papers in top journals such as 《NATURE GEOSCIENCES》and《PNAS》.

   Arjen Y. Hoekstra,professor at University of Twente, the Netherlands, and Visiting Professor at the National University of Singapore. Hoekstra is the editor-in-chief of SCI journal《Water》.His research interests cover a wide range of topics related to water, food, energy and trade. He has published papers in journals such as 《SCIENCE》,《NATURE CLIMATE CHANGE》and《PNAS》.

   Fernando Jaramillo, associate professor at Stockholm University, Sweden. His main areas of research are hydroclimatic change via de Budyko framework, human water consumption, hydro geodesy via InSAR and human impact on wetlands.The research has been published in journals such as《SCIENCE》.

   Jianguo Liu,holds the Rachel Carson Chair in Sustainability, is University Distinguished Professor of fisheries and wildlife at Michigan State University and also serves as director of the Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability,the fellow of American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He was the guest editor of top journals, including 《SCIENCE》and 《PNAS》. He specializes in macro ecology and sustainable development and published articles in various journals, such as 《SCIENCE》《NATURE》and 《PNAS》.

   Landon Marston,assistant professorat Kansas State University,US. His research explores the interdependencies among food, water, energy and trade in order to establish tradeoffs, assess risk, and inform sustainable policy and management of these resources.He has published papers in《PNAS》and other top journals.

   Mesfin M. Mekonnen, assistant research professorat University of Nebraska Lincoln, US. His specialties include, water footprint assessment, water scarcity, water management, crop water use modeling, spatial modeling and water for energy.He has published papers in top journals such as 《PNAS》and《SCIENCE ADVANCES》.

   Taikan Oki,the Senior Vice-Rector of the United Nations University, a professor atUniversity of Tokyo, Japan.He focuses on global hydrology and the sustainability of world water resources, including virtual water trade and water footprint, the impact of climate change on extreme hydrology and integrated water resources management in the Asian monsoon region. He has published papers in《SCIENCE》 and other journals.

   Maria C. Rulli,a professor at Politecnico di Milano. Her research focuses on the interaction between hydrological processes and human activities. The effects of anthropogenic and natural disturbances (such as land use change, climate change, forest fires and new infrastructure) on hydrological responses and sediment yield in different basins at different spatial and temporal scales were studied.She has published papers in 《PNAS》, 《NATURE GEOSCIENCE》and other journals.

   Hong Yang,the chief scientist of the EAWAG and the head of the water, food and environmental research. She is also an honorary professor atUniversity of Basel, Switzerland and a member of the Stockholm Environment Institute. Her research interests include: water resource management, simulation of water-food-environment relationship, virtual water and water footprint evaluation, impact of climate change on water security and food security (regional development, decision support, water and environment policies).She has published papers in various journals such as 《SCIENCE》and 《PNAS》.

  Institute of Water-saving Agriculture in Arid Areas of China, Northwest A&F University

  Institute of Soil and Water Conservation, Northwest A&F University

  College of Water Resources and Architectural Engineering, Northwest A&F University

  12 November 2019