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NWAFUers Performing Outstandingly in 2019 International Mathematical Modeling Competition

Author: Hu Xiaoning  Date:2019-04-23     Read:

  On April 19th, the official website of the American Mathematical Modeling Competition released the winners of the 2019 annual competition. NWAFUachieved a great success with an F (Finalist), 7 Ms (Meritorious Winner), and 20 Hs (Honorable Mention). The F Award taken by the team composed of studentsfrom the College of Economics and Management, Wang Yi, Li Hui andFan Fan from the College of Information Engineering. Mr. Luo Hanming of the College of Sciences serves as the faculty adviser. This is the second time since we had won the F award in 2018.

  With the support of the Academic Affairs Office and the College of Sciences, the Mathematical Modeling Guidance Center of NWAFU has carefully organized the registration, pre-match training and pre-match guidance of the 2019 International Mathematical Modeling Competition. A total of 129 teams composed by 387 students from 21 colleges participated in the competition on behalf of NWAFU.The number of participating teams reaches the peak this year. During the competition, NWAFU Vice President Chen Yulin send his best regards personally to the 387 candidate students and 29 faculty advisers. The university’s Logistics Group and the College of Information Engineering provided a good workplace for the orderly going of the competition.

  It is reported that there are 25,370 candidate teams in the American Mathematical Modeling Competition of this year. Among them, the F award rate is 0.17%, the M award rate is 7.09%, and the H award rate is 15.35%. The ratio of the number of candidate team and winner team is merely half that of 2018. Therefore, NWAFU standing out of the scores of thousand under this circumstance with an F award was an absolutely significant success. On one hand, it greatlydemonstrates the mathematics modeling ability of our students. On the other hand, it suggests another success with the joint efforts of the Academic Affairs Office and the faculty advisers. It also proves that the teachingreform since the establishment of College of Sciences has built up a brand in practical teaching, which will profoundly further the construction of NWAFU’s first-class talent training system.

  Translated by: Zhao Rui

  Proofread by: Yan Xianhui