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The First Group of NWAFU Enterprise Career Planning Centers Founded

Author: Zhao Ang & Zhang Yanyan Photos by: Zhi Yongping  Date:2019-05-22     Read:

  On May 19th, the first group of NWAFU enterprise career planning centersco-founded by Power Dekor Group,KukaHome Group and NWAFU Forestry College, were officially announced open at the inauguration ceremony. The centers are established to improve the quality and competitiveness of graduates for better employment.

  It is reported that since March, the Career Center of NWAFU has sent letters to 70 top 500 enterprises and leading enterprises, invitingthem to set up enterprise career planning centersat NWAFU. More than ten of the companies have accepted the invitation. As planned, the company will select excellent career instructors to provide personalized employment guidance services for students of different grades, majors and levels. The company will also set up a platform for students’ internship.It will help more students gain valuable working experience and get their overall quality and employment competitiveness greatly improved. This practice will certainly encourage  the outstanding graduates to find their seats in leading enterprises or to start up business in important industries.

  Translated by: Zhao Rui

  Proofread by: Yan Xianhui