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NWAFU’s Food Science and Engineering Major Entered the “First Array” of Global Engineering Education

Author: Yan Yan  Date:2018-06-19     Read:

Recently, China Engineering Education Accreditation Association announced the accreditation conclusions for the participated engineering education accreditation of 2017. The food science and engineering major of NWAFU has passed the accreditation. This major became one of the first batch of food science and engineering majors that has passed accreditation after China joined the Washington Accord.

In June 2016, China formally joined the “Washington Accord” organization for international engineering education. The quality of engineering education in China was recognized by the world. At present, there are 21 professional categories that can carry out engineering accreditation. When graduates of the accredited majors apply for the engineering qualification or apply for a postgraduate degree in relevant countries and regions of the Washington Accord, they will enjoy the same treatment as local graduates, providing an international unified“passport” for Chinese engineering students to go to the world arena. At the same time, the accreditation results are highly authoritative in the industry and in the enterprise, and they enjoy varying degrees of privilege in some industry engineer qualification tests or ability evaluations.

In October 2016, the food science and engineering major of NWAUF submitted an engineering education certification application to the Higher Education Evaluation Center of the Ministry of Education. The first trial was passed in February 2017. In April, a formal self-evaluation report was submitted to the Higher Education Evaluation Center of the Ministry of Education. In June, the quality of professional training was highly recognized by the expert group that visited the university.

The passing of engineering education accreditation indicates the quality of undergraduate talent training in food science and engineering of NWAFU has achieved substantial international equivalent, and has entered the “first array” of global engineering education. The party and administration leaders of the College of Food Science and Engineering expressed that they will continue to vigorously promote the reform of undergraduate education and teaching, deepen the reform and construction of various majors, build first-rate majors, and cultivate first-rate talents.

Translated by: Ruan Shuling

Proofread by: Zhang Xiaorong