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“June 26th” International Anti-drug Day Publicity Activity Held in NWAFU

Author: Zhou Tianhong  Date:2019-06-26     Read:

On June 26th, the anti-drug publicity activity of the “June 26th”International Anti-drug Day in Shaanxi province were held in NWAFU.The event was broadcast live by Shaanxi TV City Youth Channel. It was held in 11 cities of Shaanxi Province at the same time. The Yangling Branch is located in front of No.3 Teaching Building of NWAFU.

The theme of the event is “Singing the anti-drug song, catching dreams in a new era”. Over one hundred people includingstudents, teachers' representatives, public security anti-drug police and volunteers in the demonstration zone jointly sang the anti-drug public welfare song “Life” to express their determination to reject drugs and resist drugs.At the same time, by displaying anti-drug exhibition boards, shouting anti-drug slogans, participating teachers and students’ representatives, volunteers wearing clothing with anti-drug signs, and anti-drug police distributing table tennis balls with anti-drug slogans on the spot, the activitydisseminated anti-drug knowledge, so that teachers and students can have a deeper understanding of drugs and their hazards, and improve the awareness of teachers and students in drug control and anti-drug.

Singing Anti-Drug Songs Together

Activity scene

Anti-drug publicity board

Provincial TV station live broadcasting